Ana de Armas Net Worth
Ana de Armas
Net Worth 2024: $5 million

Ana de Armas 2024 – How Rich is Ana de Armas?

Net Worth
$5 million
Birth Date
April 30, 1988
Birth Place
Havana, Cuba
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth 2024: $5 million
Ana de Armas Net Worth
Ana de Armas Net Worth

Ana de Armas is a talented Hollywood actress with Cuban roots, a star of Hispanic melodramas. Gained fame thanks to the series “Black Lagoon” and “Roman Spain. Legend”. Gained particular popularity after filming in the films “Sex, Parties and Lies”, “Who’s There?”, “God’s Daughter”, “Guys with Trunks”.Read on to know more about the life of Ana de Armas.

Ana de Armas Net Worth

Ana De Armas net worth for 2022 is around $5 million. Her main source of income is her career as an actress. In addition, she appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, which also decently increased her net worth. Her modeling career has been instrumental in increasing her net worth by a decent amount.

Another crucial element that will help superstars make a respectable living is advertising. Similar to this, Anya used advertising to increase her wealth by a few more zeros. She has experience working for many magazine agencies. The actress has greatly increased her wealth in recent years because of her enormous fame. Her career is just getting started, so Ana De Armas’s net worth is likely to increase significantly over the next several years. Undoubtedly, her forthcoming ventures will aid in her increasing her wealth.

Ana de Armas Biography

Ana de Armas was born in the small town of Santa Cruz del Norte (Cuba). The love for the stage manifested itself in the girl from a very young age. Ana, from childhood, surprised others with her artistic abilities and was also actively involved in dancing. When the future actress was still a teenager, her family moved to America for a while, but then returned to Cuba.

Ana began to study at one of the schools in her native town but received her secondary education in Dallas (USA). After school, the girl did not doubt the choice of her future profession; excellent external data and outstanding creative abilities gave her confidence in her choice. Therefore, de Armas entered the National Theater School, where she received a professional acting education.

Ana de Armas’s Career as an Actress and Model 

For the first time on television, Ana de Armas appeared quite early: the 18-year-old girl made her debut in the film Rose of France (2006). She played a cameo role, but the start was made. Further, de Armas was noted for small but memorable images in the films Madrigal (2007) and Paradise Lost (2007). Having gained experience, the Cuban went to conquer Madrid. A young and talented actress, she overcame casting challenges to appear in the mystical melodrama Black Lagoon (2007-2010), where she played Carolina Leal Solis. 

The audience of the domestic remake of the series, “Closed School,” starring Pavel Priluchny, will be familiar with the storyline. The setting for the action is an exclusive online school where Spain’s “golden youth” attend. Students are attempting to sort out the mysterious web of secrets while terrible things are happening in the Black Lagoon over the course of the seven seasons of the television show. Carolina Leal, Ana de Armas’ heroine, served as one of the story’s main characters. A confident, courageous, and inquisitive young lady laid the groundwork for a series of tragic events. At the end of the filming of the sixth season, Ana de Armas decided to go to America to relax and improve her English, so the writers had to write about her departure from the series.

The full-length project that followed in 2009 with the provocative title “Sex, Parties, and Lies” brought the actress real fame. The young actress starred alongside the main heartthrob of Spain, Mario Casas. Undoubtedly, this duet looked more than impressive. In 2010, the film was ranked as the highest grossing film in the country. In 2011, Ana played the lead role in the thriller Dead End. According to the plot, her heroine finds herself in a terrible trap prepared for her by a serial killer.

The series “Roman Spain. Legend” (2010–2012). Ana starred in two seasons, but then, despite the popularity of the project and its heroine in Spanish-speaking countries, she decided to leave the project for filming in Hollywood.

The first American project of the Cuban-born was the film “Stone Fists” (2015), in which Ana starred with Robert De Niro. The girl was amazed by the experience of playing together with the legendary actor, and she herself was on top. True, the biographical tape about the great boxer remained almost unnoticed by the audience. 

Another film with the participation of Ana de Armas, released during this period, is the thriller “Who’s There” with Keanu Reeves. The tape was remembered by the audience for its unusual approach to the old plot: in the place of cold-blooded sadistic maniacs, there were two girls (Ana de Armas and Lorenza Izzo), mocking the head of the family that sheltered them with cold cruelty.

Ana de Armas Personal Life

Ana de Armas’ private life is not well known. After spending some time together, the young actress and her workmate, Marc Clotet, decided to make their relationship official in 2011. The vibrant island of Costa Brava was the location of the wedding. However, the press quickly started to report on disputes between spouses. Journalists were able to receive an open response from Mark in 2013. He announced the end of their relationship at the Goya Prize in Madrid.

In 2016, GQ magazine placed Ana de Armas at number 7 on their editorial list of the most beautiful women. The Latin American beauty was in close proximity to Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Priyanka Chopra, and Alessandra Ambrosia. It is not surprising that the bright Cuban has a whole army of fans, but the actress is in no hurry to give her heart to someone in particular.

In March 2020, on the set of Deep Waters, de Armas met Ben Affleck. A month later, they went to Cuba, and a little later, they announced their relationship publicly. Throughout the year, Affleck and de Armas were considered one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. In 2021, Ana left Ben Affleck. According to close friends of the couple, the reason was irreconcilable differences between the actors.