Josh Richards Net Worth
Josh Richards
Net Worth 2024: $1.5 million

Josh Richards Net Worth 2024 – How Rich Is Josh Richards?

Net Worth
$1.5 million
Birth Date
January 31, 2002
Social Media Personality
Birth Place
Cobourg, Canada
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth 2024: $1.5 million
Josh Richards Net Worth
Josh Richards Net Worth

These days, TikTok is where young people go to find their idols. Parents may only speculate as to why their kids are so entranced by quick films of beautiful teenagers making faces at the camera. However, as the social network’s popularity soars, young bloggers are now able to make a living off of their passion for blogging. Continue reading to discover more facts about the upcoming TikTok star.

Josh Richards Net Worth

According to Forbes, Richards has revealed that his estimated net worth is $1.5 million. The TikTok music app is its exclusive source, and it also offers a version of it as the festival’s open sponsor. In terms of earnings, he ranks among the top five TikTok celebs. 

He has verified accounts on several additional social media networks in addition to TikTok. He adheres to the 1.9 million-follower account @JoshRichards on Twitter. On Instagram, he has 7.4 million followers under the @joshrichards handle. There doesn’t appear to be any of his official Facebook accounts.

Childhood and Youth

Josh was born on January 31, 2002, and was raised and went through his adolescence in the Canadian province of Ontario. According to the blogger for the sign of Aquarius, the man had a happy family life. The home was filled with warm, pleasant relationships, and the parents encouraged their offspring in everything, with the hope that they would one day all reach their full potential. 

The tiktoker videos show that they get along well with their siblings, Olivia and William, and live in perfect harmony. Richards was endowed by nature with a charming appearance, a non-confrontational personality, and an athletic frame, which the young man routinely works on in the gym. He measures 180 cm in height and 70 kg in weight.

As a child, Josh was addicted to the same things as his peers: in between classes at school, chatting with friends, watching movies, and playing computer games. And also, like a true Canadian, the guy played hockey. However, the passion for ice and the puck was not destined to turn into a profession, because the Internet took over the mind and heart of Richards. The teenager decided to try to promote himself on social networks and did not fail.

Personal Life

The personal lives and biographies of bloggers are of interest to subscribers almost more than their content, and Internet fashion legislators skillfully use this. The social networks of young stars are full of romantic photos, but it is sometimes impossible to establish the degree of their sincerity. Relationships are often staged and use the pragmatic goal of attracting an audience.

Therefore, Josh’s love for singer Inessa Barrett remains a mystery. For some time, the tiktoker posted joint pictures on Instagram, but in June 2020, Richards posted a video on his YouTube channel where the couple informed fans about the breakup. The girl said with a smile that the guy left her, and the blogger added a strange argument in favor of parting.

The guys urged fans not to be divided into hostile camps, but to support both since the decision was mutual and deliberate. Richards stated that the 8 months that they were together turned out to be the best time of his life. Now Nessa has moved to Los Angeles, where she intends to record new songs, and Josh is set to work with a vengeance on social networks. Former lovers are going to support each other.

Now the beauty does not appear on the guy’s TikTok, and her friends have taken her place—Anthony Reeves, Peyton Murmier, Bryce Hall, and Jayden Hassler. Judging by the playful videos on the Web, Josh even sleeps in the same bed as the last one, and in the mornings the tiktokers brush each other’s teeth. At the same time, questions about the bisexuality of guys are not discussed aloud, leaving fans with a piquant understatement. The company co-promoted the Buddy’s Hard merch created by Richards.

Josh shocked his followers in his TikTok video with a girl, despite the drama in his relationships. In the video, he was dancing with Julie Jessa, and the two of them looked very sweet together. The two received a thumbs-up from the audience, who then speculated that they were dating. Although Julie is not a TikTok celebrity, she already has more than 25,000 Instagram followers and is on the right path to being a successful social media influencer. She completed her degree at the University of Florida.


Josh has created accounts on various platforms and has gained millions of followers everywhere, who are interested in his pages on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Thanks to the latter, the guy gained real popularity by joining the Sway TikTok house. To do this, he had to leave Canada and settle in Los Angeles. Together with his apartment mates, Richards continuously created new content, including solo and group dances and antics in front of the camera.

Simultaneously, the blogger twisted his personal life story for the public, piqued interest with dramas, quarrels, and friend betrayals. One such bitter turn was the incident with Chase Hudson, who, after trying to seduce Josh’s girlfriend, turned from friend into enemy. Richards digested the bitterness of the loss and wrote a diss on the scoundrel, which brought him millions of views from a public outraged by the treachery of his friend. The promotion of the channel brought the guy game, advertising orders, and a solid income.

By the fall of 2020, the number of TikTok subscribers will have exceeded 20 million, and the number of likes has long been in the billions. This encourages Josh to keep working on the blog. In parallel, he develops a career as a model and an actor. For the first time, the young man appeared in films in 2019. He played Dillon in the teen film Summertime Dropouts. In 2020, fans will again see the idol on the screen in the film “Brother’s Keeper”.