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Net Worth 2023: $180 million

Have you ever thought about what Drake’s net worth is? The God’s Plan singer has amassed quite the résumé as one of our generation’s most notable Hip-Hop stars. Many individuals only know Drake via his songs. What most people don’t know is how this celebrity monetized his own brand through entrepreneurship. Drake has amassed a net worth of 180 million dollars as a result of his entrepreneurial endeavors. We’ll show you how this celebrity made his millions in this article. 

Drake Early Life

First off, if you are not familiar with Drake, let’s talk about his upcoming. Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. His dad was a drummer, while his mother taught English. Drake attended a Jewish day school as a child and even had a proper Bar Mitzvah party. Drake’s parents eventually split, leaving Drake’s father to be primarily absent from his son’s childhood. Drake and his mother resided in a modest apartment in an upscale area, where Drake’s mother battled to make ends meet. He had a pretty tough childhood growing up, regarding money. 

Drake was able to earn a position on Canadian television at the age of 15. He won a starring part in “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” a Canadian adolescent drama series. For seasons one through seven, Drake played Jimmy Brooks. Drake’s mother was quite unwell at the time. Drake’s acting payments were the only source of income for the two of them. This amounted to about $50,000 per year, or $2000 per month after taxes. Drake considers this period as tough yet crucial in his desire for more success.

Drake Musical Beginnings

Drake began his music career on MySpace in 2005, when he released his debut mixtape, “Room for Improvement.” He was able to sell an incredible 6,000 copies immediately following its publication. The next year, the artist responded with another mixtape dubbed “Comeback Season.” This time, the mixtape was published under his new label, October’s Very Own, which is known as OVO Records. Inspired by hip-hop soloists such as Jay-Z, who are self-made artists, Drake wanted to be self-made as well.

Drake delivered a smash tune within “Comeback Season” that gave the artist a tremendous chance. The music video for the tune debuted on BET. This was the first time an unsigned Canadian artist has achieved such speed. With Drake’s name swiftly gaining popularity, other major musicians were eager to meet the rising sensation. After hearing Drake’s record, Lil Wayne reached out to him. Drake was asked to join Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III tour, where the two penned and recorded future smash tracks such as “Forever.” Drake released his free mixtape “So Far Gone” on his OVO website in 2009. After receiving 2000 downloads in the first hour, the mixtape was quickly certified gold.Drake found himself in the heart of a massive fierce battle between record labels, as everyone wanted to sign him. In 2009, Drake ended up joining with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records.

This was the beginning of Drake’s golden era of stardom. On June 15, 2010, the musician released his debut studio album “Thank Me Later.” The record swiftly rose to the top of both the Canadian and American Billboard charts. Since then, every record he’s released has gone four times platinum. That’s a quick round of the Canadian rapper, and how is career started. You know how the rest goes as you probably hear or see him everywhere. So let’s leave it at that.

Drake Drake’s Financial Activities

Drake has a number of profitable income streams outside from his music business. When Apple Music first became available to the public, Drake landed a $19 million deal. This would give the streaming service the ability to house all future Drake solo and album releases. Drake has received several endorsement offers. Drake has amassed a considerable fortune via partnering with companies such as Sprite, Burger King, Nike, and Apple. Drake is also the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, a team for which he has previously shown his support. The artist hosts a “Drake night” with the team every year.

The Canadian megastar introduced his own line of bourbon whiskey in 2016. The firm was called “Virginia Black.” In its first week of sale, Virginia Black sold 4,000 bottles. They shipped nearly 30,000 more bottles as the year progressed. Drake’s net worth has also skyrocketed as a result of his global tour performances. His most profitable tour to date was the “Summer Sixteen” tour, which made $80 million over 53 performances. Drake has thus far completed five global tours. Mind you, the Summer Sixteen tour was in 2016, and the dude hasn’t toured since – but look how rich he is!

Drake Networth in 2022

Drake’s net worth is estimated to be about $180 million as of May 2022. Drake earned almost $433 million in yearly profits from 2010 to 2020. Real estate is where the celebrity gets a lot of his money. He had his eye on a dream mansion in Hidden Hills, but he waited until the owner offered the property at a $7 million discount during the 2009 real estate crisis (it was originally $27 million).Drake expanded this property by paying an additional $1.6 million for the adjoining estate. Drake now owns The Embassy in Toronto, which is valued a whooping $150 million dollars. The outside is clad in limestone, bronze, and exotic woods. There’s also an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court and a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight in the residence. In terms of his finances Drake has become a massive sports enthusiast, and has placed large wagers on the NBA Playoffs, UFC Pay Per Views, and the NFL Draft. He was also recently sighted at the 2022 Kentucky Derby with rapper Jack Harlow.

So, we hope you are now fully aware why one of the biggest rappers of our generation is worth more than $180 Million. He worked hard for it, and frankly, Drake deserves it. 

Net Worth 2023: $180 million

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