John Madden Net Worth
John Madden
Net Worth 2024: $200 million

John Madden Net Worth 2024 – How Rich Is John Madden?

Net Worth
$200 million
Birth Date
April 10, 1936
Birth Place
Austin, Minnesota, United States
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth 2024: $200 million
John Madden Net Worth
John Madden Net Worth

John Madden is a pop culture phenomenon as well as an NFL legend. As a sports broadcaster, Madden changed the way football is aired, increasing the sport’s appeal, longevity, and, ultimately, financial viability. In addition to broadcasting, Madden has written best-selling books about the NFL and college football and maintains a famous football podcast.

John Madden Biography

John Earl Madden (April 10, 1936 – December 28, 2021) was a National Football League coach and sports broadcaster (NFL). From 1969 until 1978, he was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, leading them to eight playoff appearances, seven division titles, seven AFL/AFC Championship Game appearances, and the franchise’s first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XI. Madden has the greatest winning percentage among NFL head coaches who have coached 100 games, never having had a losing season.

Madden worked as a color commentator for NFL telecasts from 1979 through 2008, earning him 16 Sports Emmy Awards. Madden provided commentary for games televised by CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC on all four major American television networks.


He also lent his name, experience, and commentary to the Madden NFL video game series (1988–present), which went on to become the best-selling American football video game franchise of all time. In 2006, Madden was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When it comes to his net worth and earnings, this legend has earned remarkable fame and fortune during his career. Similarly, John Madden net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, owing primarily to a successful sports career.

John Madden Professional Life

In his professional life, John works as a football coach and a TV commentator. Furthermore, John has been playing football since high school. Similarly, in college, he designed both offensive and defensive lines. In 1954, John spent a season at San Mateo College. The University of Oregon offered him a football scholarship. He also studied pre-law with his childhood friend, John Robinson.

However, he was unable to begin his NFL playing career because of a knee problem and surgery. Similarly, he played defense for the Mustangs in 1957 and 1958, earning a Bachelor of Education degree in 1959 and a Master of Education degree in 1961. Similarly, after earning all-conference honors as an offensive tackle, he went on to play catcher for the California Police baseball team.

Similarly, in 1960, John accepted a position as an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, a village on California’s central coast. Following that, he was named head coach in 1962, and in 1963, he was named assistant defensive coach at San Diego State. Similarly, during the previous season in 1966, the Aztecs established themselves as the top minor institution in the country. In addition, John began his professional career after being appointed as the linebacker coach for the AFL Oakland Raiders by A.I. Davis in 1967. Similarly, Madden took over as head coach a year later, following the February 4 resignation of John Rauks from the Raiders.

Similarly, as a head coach, he has produced outstanding success. He won the Super Bowl and became the youngest coach in history to achieve his 100th career victory during the regular season. John is the Raiders’ highest-scoring coach, having never experienced a losing season as a head coach. In addition to coaching athletes, John worked as a color columnist/analyst for NFL games on all four major US television networks from 1979 through 2008.

He replaced Tom Brookshire in football broadcasts in 1981, co-starring with Pat Summerall. He created various commercial relationships with sponsors such as Dick Stockton, Frank Glieber, and Gary Bender before addressing Summerall on CBS. John and Summerall went on to co-host eight Super Bowls.

Although his coaching performance was harmed, his work as a football analyst elevated his career. Furthermore, his eccentric commentary, eagerness to explain even the most difficult or obscure details of a football game, and eventual popularization as The Telestrator earned him a record 16 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Analyst/Personality. In addition, he controls the NFL’s Madden Video Game, which pays him a $1.6 billion contract.

John Madden as the Biggest Name in Video Games

Former Hall of Fame NFL coach John Madden has died. However, his legacy lives on as one of the world’s most popular video games.

For more than three decades, the football coach and announcer have been the faces of Madden NFL. The professional football video game is still a best-seller and one of the most successful franchises in history.

When Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins requested a football video game in 1988, the video game industry was born. According to ESPN, he wanted Joe Montana to be the face of it, but the former 49ers quarterback declined due to a previous endorsement arrangement with Atari.

When it was first introduced on the Apple II, the gameplay met problems due to the weak operating system, which limited the number of players on the screen. After signing on, Madden immediately went to work, insisting that the 7-on-7 model be changed to “real” 11-on-11 football.

For the first five years, it was titled “John Madden Football” before the NFL added its name to it in 1993, allowing EA to use team names and logos. It was the first to bear the slogan “EA Sports—It’s in the game.”

In 2000, the video game changed away from showcasing Madden’s face on the cover and instead focused on notable NFL players. Madden’s voice was still extensively featured in the game.

The popularity of the game rose, as did the number of platforms it was available for, including a Sony PlayStation compatible version published in 1996. By 2001, the game was available on all major systems, including the Xbox and GameCube. In 2005, it was the exclusive video game to contain NFL property, defeating a similar ESPN game.

John Madden Death

Madden died on December 28, 2021, at the age of 85, of unknown causes at his residence in Pleasanton, California. For more than 50 years, John Madden has been linked with the sport of football. His understanding of the game was second only to his love for it, and he admired everyone who had stepped onto the field. A modest champion, a willing teacher, and a coach for life.